Changes made at Attempts at Honesty

Since Attempts at Honesty is geared toward issues with the Church and interaction with Scripture, I thought that a post about the mechanics of blogging would not be of interest to my normal readers. Therefore, I decided to post information about the changes to Attempts at Honest here.

Being one who constantly tinkers with my blog mechanics, I’ve tried a few new things recently that I thought I’d make everyone aware of.

Livefyre vs. Disqus

First, I decided to give Livefyre a go as my comment system. So far I like it. The biggest benefit I’ve seen so far will be notice by those who view the blog on a mobile device. Disqus did not work well with WPTouch, the mobile theme that I use for the blog. In contrast, Livefyre works completely with WP Touch. With Livefyre, the comment count for each post can be seen on the home screen of the WPTouch theme.

So far it looks to me like Livefyre is the winner between the two systems.

Livefyre also seems to integrate better with Facebook and Twitter than the current version of Disqus. To be fair, Disqus has announced a forthcoming update that will also have better social integration. That being said, the compatibility of Livefyre with WPTouch makes me think that I will stay with LiveFyre.

Social Sharing Plugin

I was also using a plugin called Digg Digg which put a very nice social sharing bar down the left side of the screen so that posts could be shared on the major social networks. I got a complaint by a mobile user that Attempts at Honesty was not loading properly on his Android device. I had noticed the same thing in my Blackberry, but I’m used to web pages not loading properly (or fast) on my Blackberry so thought it was a Blackberry only issue.

It turns out that the problem was a recent update to Digg Digg. After I removed Digg Digg from my site, WPTouch, the mobile theme, started loading properly again. I searched around for a replacement and found Slick Social Share Buttons. This plug in works as well as Digg Digg and the formatting is perhaps a little nicer. And Slick Social plays well with WPTouch.

As of now, everything is working nicely. Come on over and check it out at Attempts at Honesty!


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