Twitter, spammers and following rules

Twitter Follower ChartA few weeks ago, I read a blog post which detailed a methodology for increasing Twitter follower count. The heart of the method is to follow a bunch of people with whom you share an interest, follow them and hope that they follow back. By unfollowing those that do not follow back, you can then follow more people. By repeating this process follower count can be increased. In one month I went from 1400 followers to 2400 followers, not a bad percentage increase. Also, by following people with whom you share an interest, this is non-manipulative in that the goal is not just to get a number up but to broaden the group with which ideas can be exchanged. This was accomplished without a huge time commitment. The results can be seen graphically above.

So far so good but I did encounter one unexpected complication. Perhaps it is coincidence, but around the time my follower count started rising, so did the number of spam accounts that started following me. Spam accounts could be identified by their lack of an account description and the types of links that they promote. Many of the tweets also make no sense since it is a computer generating the text.

At first, I was diligent in marking those accounts as spam or blocking them. But today I began wondering what harm it does to leave them in my follower account. I’m not following them back, so no-one can construe that I promote or condone their behavior. Also, by not following them, they are not clogging up my timeline.

Beginning today, I reached the point, where I think I will just let the spam accounts be. I won’t follow them but neither will I block them. Frankly blocking them (or reporting them for spam) take up precious time and so far I cannot think of how those spammers do me any harm if I do not follow back.

What do you think? Should I go back to being diligent in deleting the spammers? Why do you think so?


2 thoughts on “Twitter, spammers and following rules

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