Why I deleted my Klout account

Klout LogoThis afternoon, I decided to delete my Klout account. I thought I would take a few minutes and catalog my reasons for taking this action. They are as follows:

  • I did not originally ask for a Klout number and my life has not been improved by having one. I see no tangible benefit to having a Klout score.
  • The implication that Klout wants to provide is that by having a higher Klout score than someone else, I am more significant in social media. I do not think that this is true and why should I care anyway?
  • I do not want to invest (waste) the time it would take to improve my Klout score. The score seems to be biased toward those who post, comment or tweet a lot. I don’t have that much good stuff to say and I do not want to bog my followers down in inanity.

Unless someone provides a significant reason for me to reinstate my Klout account, I will be happy to continue life without Klout.


3 thoughts on “Why I deleted my Klout account

    • What is really scary is that I read about a marketer that did not get a job based on his Klout score being too low. Not sure that I would want to work for a company that takes this into consideration. But some people are so geared toward numerical ratings and data that they will buy into a number without investigating the algorithm which produced the number.

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