Why I won’t pay for satellite radio

SiriusXMI have a car that has XM Satellite Radio integrated into the sound system. I bought the car used and until recently never had a subscription to the service. .

Recently, SiriusXM decided to grant a trial subscription to attract new customers for their service. I activated the trial subscription to give it a try. After a week or so of having the service, I am convinced that I will not pay to continue the service. There are two reasons why I will not continue with the service after the trial period:

  1. One word – TREES. There is little to no buffering of the service, so when I pass under trees (a common occurrence in Pennsylvania) I lose signal and the audio pops in and out and is quite annoying. Imagine listening to a comedy routine (there is a clean “family” comedy channel) and in the middle of a joke the comedian disappears so that I miss the punch line only to have the signal return for the laughter. It is like being the only one in the room who did not get the joke.
  2. Lack of financial options – Last time I checked, there was no option for a partial subscription, it was all or nothing. I could count the number of stations that I would regularly listen to on one hand. If they would allow a la carte purchase of the stations that I want for a small fee month each, then perhaps I would subscribe. For $10 per month, I would not get enough out of it to justify the subscription fee.

I think that like cell phones in the early days, satellite radio is a good idea which has not been properly implemented to date. My care is a 2007 model, so I acknowledge that newer cars might have better equipment which overcomes the problem of the trees (and buildings and other obstructions).

I am grateful to XM for the free trial but . . .

The only place that I would benefit from satellite radio would be in my car. With free streaming internet audio, there is not much need for satellite radio at home. So with the reception problems and the cost, it is not attractive to me at this time. If they ever improve reception in my area and lower the cost of the service, I might be enticed to subscribe, but as it is, there is little to tempt me.


4 thoughts on “Why I won’t pay for satellite radio

  1. For me though, it’s worth it. At ~ 30 cents a day, I can listen to commercial free music or the type of news I want to listen to as well as a few Christian stations. And a key part for me is that as I travel, I don’t lose local reception. So when I’m driving from PA down to Maryland ( which I often do), I don’t need to hunt for a new station.

    True, I can do without. But for those that drive a lot, it’s a nice to have.

  2. 30 cents is about what it would cost you to park the car in D’town to drink that cup of MUCH more expensive coffee.

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