Whose bright idea was this?

Bright ideaI recently saw an advertisement for unique furniture that looked interesting. I clicked on the link to their site and was greeted by an annoying pop-up that invited me to join their daily mailing list. The pop-up is an annoying but normal part of the internet, but in this case I could not close the pop-up and get to their site without giving them an email address. They demanded my email address as the cost of entrance into their site.

I hope that I do not live in a universe where this type of bully marketing tactic actually works.

Even though I really don’t like pop-ups, I am OK with them asking me to join the mailing list. But the fact that there was no way of closing the pop up to get to their site only served to tick me off and leave the site immediately. It is one thing to ask; it is entirely another thing to demand. I, as the consumer, may be asked, but do not think that you can make demands of me. I don’t need your product that badly.

In addition, how can I know if I want to be on your mailing list if I cannot get to your site to see if I’m even interested in your stuff?

So, if anyone who reads this is in charge of a web site, think carefully about using such bully tactics. Feel free to be bold in asking, but you cannot demand. If you make my email address the cost of getting to your site then you won’t get a visit from me.

But, now that I think about it, I could have just made up an email address . . .


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