To iPad or Not to iPad, that is the question

I’m thinking about buying a tablet computer and have begun researching my options. Because of the rich app environment and stability of the Apple platform, I have a slight bias toward the iPad, but not enough of a bias that I would pay more to get an Apple product.

From what I can see in reviews and from playing around with the tablets at Best Buy, I have three basic choices, the iPad, Google Nexus 10 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

The price for the two Android tablets is around $400 – $450 for 16 GB models and $450 – $500 for the 32 GB models. If I want to get a tablet with 64 GB of storage, I would add a 32 GB Micro SD card to a 32 GB model. Therefore the price point for a 64 GB Android tablet would be $480 – $530.

A look at the Apple web site shows that I can get a refurbished 64 GB iPad 3 (with retina display) for $550. So for just a little bit more money, I could have an iPad with the same storage capacity.

My question is, if I can do this analysis after a few hours of investigation, surely the marketing departments of Google and Samsung can do the same analysis. If they want to establish themselves as iPad killers, why do they price their tablets so high? If you want to sway people away from the market leader you have to do one of two things:

  1. Provide a clearly better product at the same price (neither Android tablet is clearly better)
  2. Provide a similar product at a price low enough to attract people away from the leader

It seems to me that neither Google or Samsung has done either of these.

I haven’t made my choice yet, nor have I fully determined that a tablet would really help my productivity.Two questions:

  1. Is it worth it to plunk down ~$600 for a tablet? Is there sufficient benefit to make this investment?
  2. If so, which way should I go, Apple or Android?

7 thoughts on “To iPad or Not to iPad, that is the question

  1. It all depends on what platform you like. I don’t think that Google or Samsung are interested in killing the iPad, I think they are looking for ways to “build a better mousetrap.” Each of the options that you presented are solid options. In the end it depends on what you want to do with it.
    The iPad is great if you are willing to sacrifice the ability to customize for a product that is more stable. However, the iPad 3 uses the old dock connecting instead of the new lightening connector. This could be a problem in a year or so but as of right now there are plenty of options for accessories.
    The Nexus 10 is a great consumption device at an awesome price. It also has the best display of any tablet with some intense processing power. It will work well for searching the web, watching movies and typing out some notes.
    The Note 10.1 is the most fascinating of the devices you listed but is currently also the most under powered. However, when it comes to a productivity tool I think the Note 10.1 has the most to offer because you can type or write out notes on it.
    As far as platforms go, there are a lot more solid options for customizing and usability on an Android when it comes to email, calendar, and contact management.
    With all of that said, if you have an iPhone and like it, you’ll be pleased with an iPad. If you have and iPhone and think its only ok, I suggest you check out an Android tablet.

    • Dan, thanks for the input. I’m not a huge Apple fan although their products are stable and get the job done. By the time I make up my mind, probably all these devices will be old technology.

  2. Have you looked at the Fujitsu M532? My husband works for Fujitsu/Siemens and bought one. He loves it. I’ve got iPad 2 and iPad mini for my handbag and wouldn’t be without one!

  3. I love my IPad!

    1. Easy to use & reliable

    2. I use it for everything
    -Great for research, Teaching, preaching, Games

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