On paper phone books

phonebook When is the last time anyone used a paper phone book? In an informal poll of friends and family I discovered no-one who would admit to using one in the last few years. Personally, I cannot remember the last time that I looked up a telephone number on anything other than Google.

Then why do phone books keep showing up in my ditch and driveway? Has anyone actually done a study to see how effective advertising in a phone book is? My assumption is that money spent on a yellow page listing is money wasted.

The fate of any paper phone book that shows up in the vicinity of my house is to be thrown immediately into the recycle bin. The is especially true of the ones that are thrown in the ditch by the mailbox. They are inevitably soggy and unusable anyway.

If you are considering advertising in a paper phone book, since you do not value your money, you can save time and effort and just send that money to me. Or, you can explain why I’m wrong in my assumption that it is a waste of money.

If you still use a paper phone book, can you share with us how you use it and why?

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